Khamis, 23 Julai 2009

Eye Health

Ask Our Expert - DO YOU KNOW?


I would like to know which product of yours that good for eye health? Is it Gingko and Noni Juice together or any other suggestion? Thank you
Lee Anne SuAnswer
2009-06-23 19:22:25

Nutrition and eye health go hand in hand.
In a addition to propoer diet, health supplement have shown in promoting good eye health.
Concerning your matter, your recommended supplement are CNI Noni Juice (2-4 teaspoon/day) and CNI Royal Gingko (3 times/day).
CNI Royal Gingko contain glycoside & terene lactone, a natural antioxidant that has traditionally been used to reduce eyestrain & support proper visual functions. While CNI Noni Juice is an excellent source of nutrients including Vitamin A, C, proxeronine. Those are good antioxidant working to rid the eyes of free radicals which can cause damage.

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